RAYNET, s.r.o
Czech company developing a CRM system. Their yearly growth rate of 70% is a testament to their enthusiasm for their work.
NetDirect, s.r.o
E-commerce application supplier focused mainly on e-shops with a significant on Czech and Slovak market share. Founded in 2002 and growing each year. Their solutions are based on their own products such as FastCentrik, ShopCentrik and MediaCentrik.
O2 Czech Republic, a.s.
The O2 company is no longer just a telecommunication operator, they are becoming an active player in the field of digital economy and ICT solutions as a “digital economy enabler”.
Seznam.cz, a.s.
The Seznam company needs no introduction. Founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič, the company is holding a strong position in the Czech market. Their product portfolio is constantly growing and they play a key role in online advertisement with their system Sklik.
FG Forrest, a.s.
FG Forrest is a company focused on website creation and e-shops. They are able to come up with the creative concept, design, program, code, optimize for mobile, test, launch, offer service, analyze results and apply improvements. They successfully cooperated with companies such as Komerční banka, ČEZ, T-Mobile or AC Sparta.
Kentico Software, s.r.o.
Kentico is one of the global leaders in the area of CMS systems and e-commerce platforms. They earned a number of awards (e. g. from companies such as Deloitte or Gartner) and their platform Kentico is used by more than 25.000 websites registered in more than 100 countries all over the world.
Quanda International, s.r.o.
Ambicious Czech company developing their own e-mailing platform and other tools for online marketing.
Trigama International s.r.o.
Trigama International, Ltd. is a creative IT company delivering complex and innovative IT products and services operating mostly on the Czech, Luxembourgish and Norwegian markets. The company is pursuing current trends in IT, especially in the area of website and mobile application development and they offer solutions in the area of graphic and web design. They also offer consultation services, educational services in the form of e-learning and their experts are for hire.